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December 22nd, 2012
07:25 pm


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The Hobbit
Middle Earth appears to be constructed entirely of mountains, stairs and the occasional wooden walkway.  This might be charming, if it weren’t for the entire absence of health and safety.  One is perpetually clinging to the edge of a cliff by one’s finger ends, running up or, as it might be, down a staircase, or of course tumbling down a mountain ON a wooden walkway.  Fortunately everyone who falls down something appears to bounce (unless they’re a bad guy, naturally) so on the whole no harm is done.

The economic system is dysfunctional; a large number of people have no settled occupation and have embarked on an itinerant lifestyle without visible means of support, whereas the entire country’s gold reserves seem to have been deposited in one insecure location with questionable levels of security.

Under these circumstances, it is entirely understandable that the enterprising classes should embark on a major programme of quantatitive easing, via a redistribution of the said gold reserves.  However a key member of personnel for this redistributive endeavor is initially unwilling to join in the enterprise and so viewers should be warned that the early scenes of the movie could be quite upsetting as the expedition’s members decide, inexplicably, that the best way of persuading their key member to join is via an extended home invasion.

However, after leaving him with a copy of the terms and conditions he realizes he is being offered a stakeholder position in a profit seeking enterprise and, in a fine demonstration of the government’s proposal that workers should exchange job security for shares, he agrees to join up.

It remains to be seen whether the enterprise is ultimately successful.  Although in their initial endeavor they were successful in breaking into a mountain they disappointingly made a poor choice from the alternatives of (a) a mountain full of gold and (b) a mountain full of orcs and trolls.  However we are promised two further outings from the same players and look forward to their future progress

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