couchspudprotem (couchspudprotem) wrote,


It shouldn't be hard.  I mean, I'm retired and all, remember?  The tasks I have set myself are to write some words of fiction (however few) each day, answer tax consultations on my tiintax blog, and read a chapter or an article from my academic reading list every other day.  It's maybe three hours of work I'm not completing.  Where DOES the day go?

Not on my tai chi class (I haven't taken any proper exercise all summer, but I'm determined to start back next week, honest).

I suppose I have been working on My First Academic Paper (which I'm going to deliver at a proper academic conference in a fortnight - eep!).

I have written an unfinished, 11-episode-and-counting, dark!gregor, Vorkosigan fanfic of nine and a half thousand words and counting, I suppose.

Oh, and today I'm going on a glass jewellery making workshop.

I think I'm going to start keeping some kind of scorecard - words written, submissions made, blog entries published, articles/chapters read and exercise taken.

Sigh.  If only I knew how to insert tables in blog entries I'd actually publish it, so you could do some collective arse-kicking.

Maybe I need to add "learning how to work my tech" to the list?
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