couchspudprotem (couchspudprotem) wrote,

Darrell and the Archers

Those of you who follow The Archers will know that there's a storyline at the moment about a character called Darrell who has lost his job and his home and is now spiralling downwards into crisis with mental health issues.

Those of you who follow me on twitter will know that on Sunday mornings I tend to tweet extensively with the hashtag #thearchers, along with a number of other people who listen to the programme on weekly catch-up and tweet sarcastically and amusingly about the characters and plotlines.

However... The Archers the programme and the Archer Project, the homelessness charity, have an obvious connection for me through this storyline, and I started getting annoyed at the impatient tweets.  So I said:

And it got re-tweeted a few times, sometimes with an endorsement and a request that people join in, and then I thought, oops, I'm asking other people to donate and I haven't done myself, so I went over to the Archer Project's just giving page and bunged them a fiver.  And then the writer Michael Moran, who has fifteen thousand plus twitter followers, also retweeted it.

Not exactly viral on the Justin Bieber scale but not a bad old result for a quick tweet on a Sunday morning.

So then I went back to the Archer Project page to see how much money the archer tweet along had raised since my fiver...

…Zero.  Zip.  Nada.

Sigh.  So much for the awesome power of social media!
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