couchspudprotem (couchspudprotem) wrote,


I am going, tomorrow, to Glasgow for Eastercon, thanks to a late decision and the kindness of carl_allery in arranging so efficiently for me to buy his membership and hotel room.  If you know me, please come and say hello, but be warned I am often overwhelmed by conventions so I may be hiding in my hotel room.  This doesn't mean I want to hide in my hotel room, necessarily, but perhaps just means I can't cope with the en masse and would like a quiet chat with one or two people.  I'm not aloof, I'm that kind of shyness that projects as protective arrogance, honest!

I can't give you a programme schedule because I don't have one - having decided to go much too late in the piece to be scheduled, although I've put my name down for emergency stand in.  And the one time they DID call on me to fill a gap, would you believe, was when I've arranged to meet some non-fan friends from Edinburgh while I happen to be in the neighbourhood...

But if anyone knows a source of the mythical deep fried Mars Bar... I've given up chocolate for Lent, but Sunday - I'm in!
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